Easy To Learn Magic Trick For Beginners

Easy Magi c Tricks For Beginners

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Published on January 15th, 2018                                                                                                              Author: Brandon Truman

As beginners we all have that moment when we think to ourselves “Can I really do this?  Am I in over my head?  How can I be more confident when performing magic trick in front of others?”  Well I’m here today to tell you that I was once where you are now and that the best way that I’ve found when starting out was to keep it simple and easy.  The more you learn and of course eventually master your confidence level will increase even if these magic tricks are simple and small.

So that’s why today I will be going over my all-time favorite easy to learn magic trick for beginners.  This is a simple yet mind blowing magic trick that will give you that boost in confidence when performing in front of family, friends and even complete strangers.  Confidence is everything to a magician and to simply put it you WILL fail without it.   

3 Simple Steps for Mastering a Magic Trick

Master a Magic Tricks in Just 3 Simple Steps

Before I begin I feel that it’s very important to mention as with any magic trick you want to learn there’s a very simple 3-step approach on how to master any magic trick.

  1. Research: With literally thousands of magic tricks worldwide you obviously have a lot to choose from. So, your first step is to research what kind of magic tricks spark your interest.  One important thing to consider when in step 1 is the level of difficulty.  Bigger and bolder is not always better.  So, as I mentioned before confidence is everything and that’s why starting simple, easy and small is the best way to build your confidence level when performing magic tricks in front of others.

  1. Practice: For this step you simply need to start learning exactly how the magic trick works. Whether it be step by step tutorials or a video demonstration.  Remember don’t rush it and think that after only an hour of practice that you can confidently execute the trick without any mistakes.  Unfortunately, it does take time and of course patience.

  1. Mastering: The 3rd and final step is to master the magic trick. You can only have mastered a magic trick once you can do it with your eyes closed (figuratively speaking).  This step requires something called “muscle memory’ which is when you can perform a series of actions the same way every time without having to stop and think about what you’re doing.  This will allow you to perform not only flawlessly but very smoothly as well, which is one of the main ingredients of an amazing mind-blowing magic trick. 

It’s easy to simply perform a new magic trick successfully where as not very many people will completely master the trick and only walk away with a basic knowledge.  This will always be a common downfall for a lot of new beginner magicians, which will result in poor showmanship, lower than normal confidence and a lot of mistakes when performing, causing you to throw in the towel after too many embarrassing failed attempts. 

Mastering a magic trick will take patience and discipline, but trust me it will pay off in the end.

So, who’s ready to learn a new magic trick?

The Melting Card Illusion

The Melting Card Trick or The I Hate David Blaine Card Trick






⇒ ⇒ Make A Playing Card Appear to Melt Through Another Card ⇐ ⇐

How the trick looks form a spectator’s view

First, the magician will lay out 3 cards, 2 one color and the other a different color (red and blue cards are the most common colors to use).  After showing the spectator the 3 cards he will then hold the 2 red cards on top of each other with the red back showing.  Next, he will continue by placing the blue card on the bottom of the 2 red cards.

Now this is where the magic begins so hold on to your seats.  The magician starts by moving the blue card in a circular motion and starts to melt the blue card through the bottom red card.  As you see the corner of the blue card start to appear between the 2 red cards you are amazing by what you are witnessing and as the magician continues he then completely brings the blue card through the bottom red card. 

That’s it you just saw this magician melt a card through another right before your very eyes.

So how did he do this?

Well, it’s actually very simple.

How to do it yourself step-by step

First, you’ll need to prepare the illusion by modifying one of the red cards.  Take a spare red card and with a pair of scissors cut the bottom section of the card off (depending on the size and thickness of your thumbs this piece will need to be anywhere between a ½ inch to ¾ of an inch).

After doing this you will then need to place a small amount of paper glue on the face side of the section you just cut.  Once you have applied the paper glue you’ll then need to place this onto an unaltered red card and very carefully lining up the design for a perfect match (Caution: Please don’t rush this part you must let the glue dry completely before using this modified card to attempt this trick).  So, doing this successfully will ensure that no one will be able to spot the modified card thus leaving your audience speechless as you attempt to blow their minds.

Now that you have finished your preparations (and of course have taken the time to master the trick) it is time to find an audience/group of spectators.

Once you have your audience it’s time to put on a show.  So, to start the trick you need to have all 3 cards laid out for everyone to see and the order of the cards going from left to right should be as follows: Blue Card, Unaltered Red Card, Modified Red Card.

Start by picking up the modified red card on the far right and then placing the second red card from the middle on top of this (Warning: Do not stack these flush on top of each other. It is very important to have them staggered a little bit so that the bottom red card its still visible).  Now it’s time for the blue card.  Take the blue card and slide the card between the modified section of the bottom red card.  To the audience/spectators the blue card should appear to have been placed on the bottom of the 2 red cards. 

Star moving the blue card in a circular motion, then sliding the corner of the card out from between the two red cards giving the illusion that you are melting the blue card through the red.  Time to finish it.  Once the corner of the blue card is showing, while still moving it in a circular motion you can then start moving the card upwards and releasing it from the modified section of the bottom red card. 

Now while still concealing the modified section on the red card show the audience that you have indeed melted the blue card through the red card right before their very eyes.  Now after all the applause and people’s amazement you might be tempted to reveal the secret to the trick, but as every great magician knows you must not reveal your secrets.

So, that’s that and I hope this will help you build the confidence you need in your journey to becoming a spectacular magician.

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