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As a beginner, I can honestly say that I was absolutely lost when it came to what magic tricks I should focus on as a beginner street magician.  Finally, I was fortunate enough to come a cross a man who I started to learn from over a short period of time and finally he took me on as his full-time student revealing his professional secrets as a seasoned stage magician.  These are a few of the card tricks for beginners that helped me become more confident in my abilities as a performing magician. 

The Power of Four Card Trick

The power of Four Card Trick

First trick to learn is of course one the easiest magic tricks with cards that every aspiring magician should take the time to master.  For any beginner this will be your first of many tricks that are simple yet easy to learn, but will still leave your spectators puzzled about how you just did the impossible.

A deck of cards is all you will need for this trick.  

The actual set-up for this trick is very straight forward, you can simply shuffle the deck as the audience watches or you can have a volunteer shuffle the deck for you to show everyone else that there is no funny business going on.

This is always a very beneficial thing to do to gain the trust of the audience.  So, once you or the volunteer have properly shuffled the deck it’s time to begin.

To begin you show the cards to be in a completely random order, while doing so you are taking note of the forth card from the top of the deck.  For this example, I’ll say it’s the “Jack of Spades”.

Then you will need help from a volunteer once again, but this time ask the person to separate the deck into two piles for you.

Next you explain to your audience while gesturing towards the pile of cards, which is the bottom part of the deck that volunteer separated into two piles for you that you can tell them the location of a card that’s in the deck.

Then you look at the bottom pile of cards pointing out the forth card and you say that this card is the “Jack of Spades“, but don’t show this card to the audience because this card is the “Six of Hearts”.

Final step is to deal the cards from the top portion of the deck and then cut down to the forth card revealing the “Jack of Spades”, but that’s not all you can perform this trick twice in on shuffle and cut of the deck.  All you must do is place the bottom half on the top half and you would then guess again knowing that the forth card on the bottom half was the “Six of Hearts”.

If you’d like a visual aid I’ve included a video below to show you how the trick is performed.

The Shake Change Tutorial

The Shake Change Card Trick*** Warning this trick requires you to learn the double lift technique. ***

If you do not know how to do the double lift you can learn how by clicking here.

Once you’ve mastered the double lift you are ready to perform this magic trick like a pro.

So, to begin you start by performing a triple lift from either the middle part of the deck or if it’s more comfortable for you from the top of the deck.

Once you have successfully performed the triple lift you will now have three cards, but it will only look like one card to the audience. 

Your next step is to show the bottom of the three cards that your holding to the audience which will be their card.

Next place the cards back on the top of the deck face up still showing their card.  To make the card trick even more spectacular and mind blowing you can choose a volunteer to come up and sign or draw a picture on the card making it unique.

After the volunteer has finished, perform a triple lift once more picking up the three cards you placed on the top of the deck, but this time instead of picking up the three cards and showing the audience place the edge of the cards along the edge of the deck and lay them face down.  This called a triple turnover which can also be used as a double turnover as well.

Once the three cards are back on the top of the deck pick up the first card (make sure to not show the face of the card since this is not their card) and tell the audience that this their card while placing the card somewhere in the middle of the deck.

Remove the next card from the top of the deck showing the audience and while their distracted take this time to make a pinky break with the next card on the top of the deck, which is their card.

Once you’ve finished the pinky break take the card you showed the audience and place it back on top of the deck face up.

For this next step you need to pick up both cards as one again.  To do this place your thumb on one of the corners and your middle finger on the opposite corner lifting both cards as one only showing the face up card.

Now it’s finally time to do the change.

So, to do this shake your hand up and down, but while your shaking the cards use your pointer finger to flip the cards around revealing the audience’s selected card.

Finish off the card trick by laying both cards back on top of the deck and picking up just the top card to give to the volunteer showing that this is their card that they signed.

Check out the video below to see the trick performed up close.

Magic Trick Revealed: Card to Mouth

The Card to Mouth Card TrickA mind-blowing magic trick where a card signed by a spectator somehow ends up in your mouth.

This magic trick being one of the many tricks performed by the legendary street magician David Blaine is one of my top favorite magic tricks.

For this magic trick you need very little preparation.  The things you’ll need is a deck of cards and you need to practice being able to fold a card while holding it behind your back.

Start by having a volunteer from the audience pick a card out of the deck and make sure you reveal it to the audience.

Have the volunteer sign or draw a picture unique enough that you or anyone else couldn’t possibly duplicate.  After they have finished have the volunteer to return the card to the deck.

Next, I would recommend using the Hindu shuffle control to bring the volunteers uniquely marked or signed card back to the top of the deck.

Hold the deck as if you’re the dealer in a card game with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other, but as your changing your grip you need to make basic break or a pinky break under the card on the top of the deck.  If you’ve did everything right up until now this card should be the signed or marked card belonging to the volunteer.

Now this part is very important.  After you have a break between the top two cards bring your other hand over the top of the deck and with the hand holding the deck make the top cards flex upwards making it easier to palm this card with your other hand.  Make sure you have your hand over the deck before flexing the card, so the audience does not grow suspicious of you.

With the signed or marked card removed from the deck you can use the hand holding the cards to perform a one-handed cut or even easier hand the desk off to the volunteer telling them to shuffle the deck for you.

Next turn your back to the audience showing that you could not possibly know where in the deck their card is located.

By turning your back, this will give you the perfect opportunity to take sign or marked card that you’ve been palming and start folding this into small enough sections that it would easily fit into your mouth between your gum line and check.

For me this part took a lot of practice since you will have something inside your mouth and still being able to talk normally could get a little tricky.  So, I recommend practicing this while trying to talk normally before you even attempt this trick in front of an audience.

After the card is in place turn back towards your audience taking the deck of cards from the volunteer, but making it appear as if you messed the trick up somehow.

Next starting from the top of the deck start turning over random cards as if each one could be their card even though they will all be the wrong cards.

Have some fun with this part by making yourself look like you screwed up big time.

Once the audience start to laugh at what looks to be your failure and maybe even starts to walk away it’s time to change gears.  Do this by acting like you’re in pain maybe in your stomach or throat.

When the audience’s interest starts to peak again building the suspense to your desired level it’s time to reveal what’s wrong with you.

Start by working the card out from between your cheek and gum line to your lips.  Next you can either take the card out yourself or have an audience member take the card for you and reveal it to the rest of the audience.  I personally use an audience member it’s a lot more suspenseful that way and it shows that you haven’t switched or tampered with it after taking it from your lips.

Either way you end this card trick the audience’s minds will be absolutely destroyed all you have to do is wait for the applause.

Torn & Restored Card Trick Revealed

Torn & Restored Card TrickSo, how can you take a single playing card tear it into four pieces and magically return it to it’s former glory as one whole card again?  Learn the secret to this card trick below.

The preparation for this trick is simple just find a card the same color and suit as the card you will be giving the illusion that you are tearing into pieces.  Tear off ¼ of this card to serve as the decoy piece for this card trick.

To start this trick, hold the card facing away from for all the spectators to see.  Then while holding the card fold it into ¼ pieces but don’t start tearing it just yet.

To eliminate any skepticism, tell the spectators as your folding the card that this make it easier to tear the card into even pieces.  Also make sure to crease the edges as your folding the card as well.

Something you can do to make this trick even more mind blowing is to let a volunteer sign the card before tearing it.

So, after folding and creasing the card into ¼ and then unfolding it to have a volunteer to sign show the crowd of spectators.

As your holding the card up for the spectators to see the ¼ torn piece of card needs to be held under your thumb against the side of the card facing towards you and not the spectators.  Start tearing the card on the middle crease stopping in the center crease.

Fold the top right corner down and move the prop torn ¼ card piece out from behind the card as if it’s the piece you had just torn off.

This should appear to the spectators that you have torn off the corner of the card, but they can not see that the real corner of the card is still intact, which needs to remain folded down out of sight.

Next move the torn ¼ prop piece back out of sight again held by your thumb.  Fold the other ¼ piece of card behind the rest but as you are doing this move the prop piece back into view as if you are once again tearing another piece of the card off.  Just as last time move the prop piece back out of sight once you’re done with the illusion of tearing the card.

Once more appearing to tear the card in half moving the prop piece around to show that the card is now in four sperate pieces.  Place the prop piece behind the folded card for the last time.

Next ask the volunteer to lay their finger on the torn pieces, but as your placing the pieces on a flat surface slid the loose piece into the palm of your hand concealing this from view.  Make sure you don’t drop it accidently revealing the gimmick.

Use a stylish misdirection move and while the eyes of all the spectators are elsewhere slip the ¼ prop piece into your shirt or coat pocket.

Finally, let the volunteer that signed the card examine it to reveal to the crowd with astonishment that is intact as one whole piece and not four.

Wow.  Minds are blown, and people will rack their brain for a long time to come trying to figure out just how you did that right in front of their very eyes.

Hope everyone enjoyed these card tricks for beginners and if you have any questions let me know down below.

Also, I know from experience as a beginner it’s tough to get over that initial hump of getting stated as a magician. 

==> So, for those of you that are having trouble mastering a magic trick I recommend looking into “Master Mentalism”, which still helps on my journey as an aspiring street magician to this very day

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