Beginner’s Guide to Sleight of Hand Card Tricks – The Hindu Shuffle

sleight of hand techniques for beginners - the hindu shuffle

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The Hindu Shuffle is one of the many commonly used shuffles in a card trick performed by a magician.  This is not a full shuffle of the deck, which is why you wouldn’t want to use this shuffle in a card game with your friends.  The execution of the shuffle is to cut the deck into 3 sections and placing them back together in a different order rearranging the deck.  Simple right?

How to do the Hindu Card Shuffle Trick

Start by holding the deck in your dominant hand (I’m a right-handed person) gripping from above on the bottom end of the deck.  I personally have large chunky fingers, so I usually only use my thumb, index finger and middle finger but if your fingers are skinnier you may have to us an extra finger or two.

Don’t freak out if you’re part of the ten percent of the population that’s left handed just simply mirror this process and you’ll be fine.

With your opposite hand grab a section of cards from the top of the deck pulling them away in the other direction of your other hand.

Once removing the section of cards from the deck let these cards fall into the palm of your hand.

Now that you have these cards resting in the palm of your hand perform this move once more grabbing a section of cards from the top of the main deck removing them in the same direction as before. 

Just as before let this section of cards fall into the palm of your hand on top of the cards already there.

Simply repeat this process until the deck has been shuffled into the other hand.

As you perform this shuffle more and more you can judge whether it’s necessary to cut the deck into bigger or smaller sections each time.  Just remember the less you cut from the top of the deck the more you’ll effectively randomly rearrange the deck making for a more convincing shuffle.

Below I’ve included a video as a visual demonstration.

The Hindu Shuffle Control

The Hindu shuffle control is great way of controlling a spectator’s card from anywhere in the deck up to the top of the deck.

First begin the Hindu shuffle until either a third or half the deck is in your other hand.  Flip over the top card of the section that you just shuffled over to your other hand showing the audience the card.  This will be their card.

So, after showing the audience continue the Hindu shuffle, but as you begin to shuffle over the first section of cards make a break between the two-main sections of the deck.  Make sure you grab the bottom section of cards holding onto is as if it is part of the main deck of cards your shuffling over to your other hand.

Once you reach the break in the main deck shuffle the rest of the cards over to the other hand making sure to keep the first card (the card you chose for the audience) on top of the deck.

You can use this shuffle control for many card tricks that require you to keep track of a selected card during the trick.

Check out the video below for to see how this is performed.


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