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Published on January 16, 2018                                                              Author: Brandon Truman 

Hey Brandon Truman Here…

and I created this easy to learn magic tricks blog to help other aspiring magicians on their road to greatness. See, after having problems as a beginner street magician, I decided to put together this site to act as a resource for all of the magic tricks that finally help me become a more confident magician and performer!

If you’re looking for what I would consider to be the best way of learning mind blowing magic tricks and mentalism, check out my homepage:

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If you need more confidence as a beginner magician, check out this article:

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Beginner to magic?  Trying to find magic tricks  to learn as beginner magician?  Then I recommend checking out these top 4 card tricks for the any beginner:

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Last Updated: February 10, 2018