Master Mentalism Review – An Aspiring Street Magician’s Take on a Spectacular eBook!


Ryan Clark’s Master Mentalism Review

                           The art of accomplishing impossible feats with the help of your brain.

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I think most will agree with me when I say:

It’s VERY difficult to learn magic tricks or mentalism without the proper guidance and direction, but…

What if you had someone that would give you the exact guidance and direction you’ve been searching for in the form of a product specifically tailored for all beginner magicians?

It would change your life as a magician forever. 

So, look no further! 

Below you will learn all you need to know about Master Mentalism and whether or not this product is for YOU.  

The Truth About Magic 

Mankind has always been enthralled by the art of magic, works of illusion and sleight of hand, despite knowing that they are not real. I guess, it is the realization of doing the impossible, which fascinates people, no matter wherever they are.

Obviously, I am not talking about flipping magic tricks during the inquisition era; those poor people were pretty tough on the whole witchcraft vs. science thing. What I am talking about is the art of street magic, performing mentalism related magic tricks and hypnosis on unsuspecting people – and card tricks too!

As an aspiring magician, I have been struggling to master the basics of magic tricks for beginners for years now. Call it my dumb luck or a lack of comprehending how those tricks are mastered; I could never get the hang of it. And let’s not forget the fact that all aspiring self-taught magicians have literally lost a huge chunk of their hard-earned cash on various magic trick tutorials n’ packages.

Either those tricks are way too basic, such as; yanking one end of a handkerchief to loosen a knot or shuffling cards in an attempt to “impress” bystanders, or they don’t deliver as promised.

What Magic Means to Me

Easy To Learn Magic Tricks For BeginnersOn a personal level, I have always been fascinated with magic since I was a kid. I remember those sunny summer afternoons when children from the entire neighborhood would flock around in my backyard, and I’d stand up on a makeshift stage to perform simple tricks. Back then, it was all about drawing attention and becoming known as “that kid” who had a trove of mysteries and occasional silliness stored up his sleeves.

As time went by, things changed, and magic became more of a passion for me. I befriended like-minded people who shared the same interest in magic as I did. Most of the talents are self-taught, but I did learn a great deal from internet videos, real life face-to-face interaction with some of the renowned legends and etc.

The Real Story of Ryan Clark’s Master Mentalism

Master Mentalism Review- Is It Worth It?

267 pages of mind blowing mentalism, illusions and magic tricks.

Unfortunately, magic has become a profession these days. It has come too far from merely pulling rabbits from hats, or flying pigeons everywhere. People have seen enough of those so-called tricks already, and if you are into magic for making some money on the side from long-term perspective, then you seriously need to reconsider your strategy. Trust me, I’ve been there; I have tried hundreds of tutorials, and gone through plenty of books to no avail!

However, all of it changed when I stumbled upon Ryan Clark’s Master Mentalism eBook. He not only walks readers through literally hundreds of magic tricks and mentalism magic ranging over different categories, but also gives an inside scoop on famous magicians. I am sure you have heard about Criss Angel, David Copperfield and David Blaine; all of these famous performers are featured in this book, alongside exclusive interviews and all.

Among several things, which I liked about Ryan’s book, is that he also focuses on grooming aspiring magicians on the art of captivating the audience. For Ryan, it’s not just about performing parlor tricks, wooing the audience is just as much vital to a magician’s fame. Anyhow, even if you are not into it as a professional, you sure can impress chicks to get their phone numbers n’ all. I hear card tricks are a great way of bedazzling girls out there.

What’s My Take on Master Mentalism – Is It Worth It?

ABSOLUTELY!!!  The book, alone, is gem of a resource for anyone who’s looking to get by with everything there is to learn about magic and mentalism secrets. Over 200 pages, the author details various magical tricks – and that too from a beginner’s perspective. In my opinion, you can get from ‘I have no idea how to do these tricks to ‘way too easy’ in a matter of few days.

Some of the Main Highlights of this Program Are…

Master Mentalism is a blend of mentalism magic tricks and your typical magic tricks, which you see at most of the places. Ryan’s attempt at collecting all-time famous acts of magic, and then further summarizing them into an easily learnable format, is commendable. Some of the main highlights of this eBook are:

  • Super Easy Approach: As mentioned earlier, the learning curve is short because of how easily each and everything is broken down in this book. There’s a strong focus on the mentalism part with various exercise techniques to help you in different hypnotism methods, trance techniques and vice versa. Plus, with a little bit of innovation, you can come up with your own tricks in no time!

  • Value Vs. Information: The value to information ratio on this book is amazing. Right now, there’s a limited time sale where you sign up for $1 for the first 30 days. The actual price of the program is $47, which I think is totally legit because of the abundance of information in there. Ryan is creating value instead of making more sales. If you consider the amount that professional mentalists charge for each training session, you’ll probably think twice before signing up.

  • Exclusive Members Area Access: Ryan Clarke does charge an extra on-going fee to online visitors who wish to enroll in the Master Mentalism course. There is a 30-day trial period, with the option of cancelling your membership without any additional cost. However, if you do wish to proceed, and I can guarantee that you will, there will be a small recurring subscription fee.

  • Mentalism and Magic Explained in 3 Easy Stages: There is a 3-step approach on how to master magic tricks and learn mentalism secrets. It is all about growing your focus and honing your mental abilities to do the unthinkable. Remember that scene in ‘The Matrix’ movie, where the kid bends the spoon? Well, guess what? In real life, it is called illusion and that is a strong part of the book. There are also many other various tricks for you to master in no time.

  • Brutal Breakdown on Famous Magicians’ Tricks: Master Mentalism highlights magic tricks from famous magicians, such as, but not limited to Criss Angel, David Copperfield, Derren Brown, David Blaine and many others. I also found a bunch of regular magic tricks from nobodies, but the reason they were shared in the e-book was because of their insane fame.

Criss Angel, David Copperfield and David Blaine Street Magic & MentalismEach part of the program and the book itself is broken down into different categories. Within each category, there is a list of simple magic tricks that relate to a specific style. As you progress, you will learn to hone your skills to help you take it all to the next level. Yes, it is true that with practice and a sense of improvisation, you can probably become the next big celebrity icon in the street magicians’ world.

Try It First, Decide Later

Right now, for a limited time only Ryan Clark has the “Try it first, decide later” deal on his Master Mentalism program, which is only $1 for the first 30 days.  On day 30 you’ll have to make a decision on whether or not to continue the memberships or to cancel and move on to something else.  Now to be clear if you do decide to cancel the memberships, the Master Mentalism E-Book and all of the bonus E-Books are yours to keep.  Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Brand New Content Every Month!!!

What does the $47 membership fee get you?  Well this will give you full VIP assess to, which is a large selection of videos and e-books on new magic tricks, mentalism and also interviews with famous magicians like David Blane, Criss Angel, Keith Barry, Darren Brown and Penn & Teller, where Teller actually talks! 

Now if you actually do the impossible and make it through all the amazing content on the membership site, not to worry at the beginning of every month you will get a huge assortment of new content uploaded to the site.  In my opinion all the individually content and the adding of new content every month is worth hundreds more than just $47 a month. 

If for whatever reason you are not happy with Master Mentalism or the membership you have a “60-day 100% money back guarantee.”

That’s Not All…

So, once you have access to you can then download the PDF file, which will contain the 267-page Master Mentalism E-Book.  But that’s not all.  You will also have access to several other magic trick books, which are downloadable bonus E-Books like:

  • The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks:  467 Page E-Book
  • Having Fun with Magic for Pleasure or Profit:  79 Page E-Book
  • Hypnosis for Beginners:  75 Page E-Book
  • Understanding Hypnosis Audio Book & E-Book:  3 Audio Books & 51 Page E-Book
  • How to Hypnotize People And… Other Living Things:  35 Page E-Book
  • Tricks in Magic, Illusions, and Mental Phenomena:  108 Page E-Book
  • Bonus Tricks:  20 Page E-Book

Mentalism and What Is It?

A huge chunk of information in Master Mentalism overlays emphasis on the mental abilities. It’s called Mentalism, the art of accomplishing impossible feats with the help of your brain. You will learn a great deal about how to be a mind reader and hypnotism secrets; how to induce a trance like effect on the audience or a particular volunteer, how to make people believe the unbelievable – so on and so forth.

In addition, there is a bunch of cool mind tricks that relate to casting illusions and visual deception. Do you remember how the great magician: Derren Brown made the whole Statue of Liberty disappear? He did so with the help of creating an illusion. To this date, his magic tricks are adorned in the history of magic with tons of appreciation from all over the world.

So, Here’s The Deal…

Despite the fact that I found Master Mentalism to be an impressive magic tricks guide, it does have one major flaw – that is, the book can not make you learn anything. It is not a magic pill or something that you can buy in hopes for mastering everything easily. You are going to need a lot of practice and patience to get recognized as a proper street magician, but trust me it’s worth it.

Seriously, you will fail, and repeat each trick until it is perfected like how pros do it in front of a massive audience. Start small; do simple magic tricks and learn your way up to special mentalism techniques, sleight of hand tricks and the rest to master everything.

By the way, the general consensus about Master Mentalism is very positive, but there are a bunch of skeptic folks who think that Ryan’s program is a SCAM.  Obviously, at $1 or $47, the entire deal sounds too good to be true.  However, the fact is that there are no strings attached to this entire program.  If you cannot come to terms with the realization that there are some good people out there, who just want to share knowledge for the sake of helping others, you may as well drop the idea of buying this book.

You can head over to Master Mentalism’s official website at Right now, there is a limited time sale going on, which you can avail at literally the fraction of the actual price. If you are interested in sharing your own magic tricks, feel free to write to us. You can also share your input about Mentalism, Illusions and Magic through the comments section below.

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